Bachelors of Exercise and Sport Science

ATG Certified Endorsed Coach

Certified Biomechanics Specialist

Certified BioForce Conditioning Coach

Junior Pathways S&C Coach @ New Zealand Warriors

My Purpose

Hi, I’m Jordan, the founder of JP ATHLETIC. I decided to join the health and fitness industry to improve the lives of individuals through training and better life choices. My career as an athlete was riddled with injuries leaving me lost, burnt out and often broken. The ‘high performance’ model did not work for me.

My methodologies are based upon four pillars moulded by my experiences, mentors and education.

Movement, Skill, Longevity, and Sustainability.

What is present now is not an indication of what there is going to be. Our goal should be to control ones self rather than to control others. We should strive to organise our internal reality, not the external reality. As we try to create the perception of a perfect life, we fail to realise that the quality of life is based on the inward.

This is how I choose to live my life. At times repetitive, at times extreme. By connecting with one person through an emotion, experience, or thought I am able to live out this dream.